Trinity International College

Academic Support

A rich academic atmosphere with student-centric services cater to their needs and prepare them fully to take on the challenges of  education and exam competition in their career pathways.

No 1
Pioneer in providing tutorials for +2 students & arranging the highest number of tutorials monthly & term-wise

Combining both traditional & modern modes of delivering +2 instruction using – Such as internet technology

Medical, engineering, and management preparation classes leading to the largest number of placements

Tutorial System
Our tutorials truly improve academic performance because of individual attention and precise guidance.

Regular Tutorials
The College provides regular tutorials during college hours to improve full understanding and clarity about particular topic-areas. Trinity’s select tutors impart study & exam tips.

Additional Tutorials
We also organize extra tutorials on Saturdays, during the week, and over the vacations. These intensive classes cater to students’ academic levels and needs

Preparation Courses
Trinity’s synergistic preparation courses promote student success in regular course-based and competitive examinations.

Competitive Preparation
Our prep classes for medical, engineering and management entrance tests help our students do well in entrance tests. They are essential for higher studies and obtaining scholarships.

Refresher Classes
The College provides refresher classes after completing the course. These inputs encapsulate a quick penetrating review of the entire course for subsequent NEB Exams.

Counseling Servic es
We guide students about ongoing academics, future study or career plans, and personal or social needs.

Academic & Personal
Our academic counseling covers subject-wise performance, study skills & time management. Personal counseling helps maintain high standards of conduct & discipline for an exemplary college life.

Higher Studies & Careers
Our Counselors advise students to choose the right courses & colleges or universities for higher studies. We help them apply for placements or scholarships available globally.

Further Support
The College encourages student-teacher interaction & self-study through additional assistance.

Academic Consultation
Trinity allocates timings to subject teachers to be available for consultation especially before exams. Students can ask about difficult topics & sample questions and clarify doubts.

Video Lectures
We offer video lectures on our website & the Computer Lab. These supplemental resources play a vital role in assisting further understanding of select topics & in exam revision.


Live Online Counselling 9am to 5pm