Trinity International College


The most relevant educational qualification for Nepalese students, the A Level builds the right academic foundation for pursuing higher studies in medicine, engineering, management & humanities in Nepal & abroad.


Cost Effective

The best financial option in terms of fee affordability without any hidden costs and wideranging scholarships. Trinity offers excellent A Level programmes in Science, Management, and Humanities. We impart the best available A Level teaching in Nepal along with allround educational opportunity.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Offering a wide & deep study of different subjects, the A Level provides excellent preparation for higher education. This course opens up a world of educational & career opportunities.

Regular Upgrading

The A Level incorporates ever-changing international educational standards. This helps in maintaining the quality and popularity of A Level education.

Course Relevance

The most relevant educational qualification in Nepal, this two-year course motivates students to work hard and to focus upon set goals. The teachers do their utmost to help students achieve their academic & other goals.

Ideal Pathway

Providing effective education, the A Level system is one of the best pathways to both general and specialized higher education. Importantly, the qualification is also widely recognized by international institutions.

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