Trinity International College

Health Care

Trinity has adequate provision, in terms of medical staff & medical facilities for health care and medical emergencies particularly during this pandemic period. During the College hours, we provide medicare that is basically proactive or preventive, and also curative for minor ailments.

At Trinity, we provide direct nursing services to students, faculty, or staff to maximize health and wellness in the college community. The college infirmary is well-equipped with basic materials and tools to address the health needs of students while in college. 

A full-time, well-trained, and qualified Nurse is available to assess, manage, or refer to our hospital any health issues whether minor or major that may arise unexpectedly during school hours.

Our school has a well-equipped, well-stocked infirmary under an experienced Nurse who provides vital first-aid to anyone on our campus in need. 

The student’s basic physical development is checked and reported every term by the College Nurse. She also interacts regularly with Trinitians, and educates the Community about health & hygiene in different ways, especially in these times.

To meet any medical emergency, the College has arrangements with the hospitals nearby. We also inform parents or guardians immediately.

Bhagwati Gyawali
Bhagwati Gyawali

Nursing Staff

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