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A Level- Benefits

High Quality International Qualifications

Globally benchmarked and highly standardized, A Levels provide excellent preparation for university education. This gold standard opens up a world of educational opportunity.

Recognition Worldwide Acceptance

Widely recognized, this course is taken in over 100 countries. It is accepted as an entry qualification by top colleges and universities - Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, McGill, Monash, Otago, Heidelberg, and the Sorbonne.

Flexibility Design & Content

The two-year course design develops in-depth subject knowledge and deep understanding that universities and employers look for. . . Wide-ranging subject choice meets diverse needs, interests, and goals.

Independence Self-study & Responsibility

Motivated study brings greater clarity and better comprehension. Individual effort leads to a sense of responsibility, time management, and goal setting with all the determination and freedom needed for self-development.

Feedback Performance Appraisal

Valuable feedback identifying strengths and weaknesses prior to final assessment is obtained through the AS Level results. This helps in setting targets along with the motivation and momentum needed to complete the course.

Assessment Reporting & Examinations

Achievement is reported on a grade scale from A* grade, the highest, to E, the minimum. Examinations take place twice a year in June and November with results issued in August and January respectively.

Opportunity Newness & Excitement

Highly valued, these qualifications earn placements and scholarships at all the world's major colleges and universities. They open doors to almost limitless possibilities to learners and bring lifelong success.

Interaction Global Platform

The Cambridge learning community of teachers and learners from over 10,000 schools in over 160 countries discusses projects and activities across a global network of scholastic links or relationships.

Encouragement Academic Excellence

Widely applauded awards every year motivate learners to do well. This creates healthy academic competition as they compete to become Nepal or World toppers!

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