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Project Proposals-Science Exhibition

Project Proposals-Science Exhibition

October 06, 2023

Dear Students

Are you eager to showcase your scientific prowess and innovativeness?

Trinity College invites all its students interested in participating in the upcoming Inter-College Science Exhibition-cum-Competitions to embark on a fascinating journey of discovery & invention. So, we encourage you to prepare your SciTech Projects and share your passion for science & technology with all.

To submit your SciTech Project Proposal, please follow these guidelines:

Project Submission Deadline: Friday, 15 December 2023 (29 Mangsir 2080)

Submission Options:

  1. Submit your Project Proposal to the ECA Department.
  2. Email your Project Proposal to:

Project Proposal Requirements:

Your Project Proposal Must Comprise:

  1. Clear Diagram: Provide a well-structured & comprehensible diagram that illustrates the key components and workings of your Project.
  2. Description: Elaborate on the purpose, functionality, and significance of your Project. Also, clearly articulate its objectives and how it addresses a specific problem or challenge.
  3. Impact on Mankind: Explain how your Project would contribute to the betterment of society & the advancement of humanity. Emphasize the potential benefits it could offer to individuals & communities.
  4. Materials, Budget, and Timeline: List the materials you will use in your Project, estimate the budget required for their procurement, and outline a realistic timeline for the completion of the Project. Ensure that your plan is feasible and well-thought-out.

For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact the ECA Department.

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