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Career Counseling Symposium 2023

Career Counseling Symposium 2023

January 22, 2023


20 January, 2023

Trinity organized the Career Counseling Symposium 2023 for the Grade XII and A Level Students on Friday, 20 January, 2023 in the College Premises. The key areas of topics included in the Symposium were, Educational Opportunities and career prospects in the Field of Medicine, Engineering, IT & e-commerce, Management, Law and Social Sciences. The symposium helps individual students figure out who they are and what they want out of their education, career, and life. Having a career choice in mind steers a student’s search for the right college majors, which, in turn, guides the choice of the right college. It’s been seen that career-focused students are confident, motivated to persist, and earn their degrees on time. Counseling related to this Symposium covers further studies options, institutional search, scholarships or grants, and career exploration.
The program is meant for both current students and Trinity alumni. Medicine, SciTech, Engineering, and Management professionals tell students about further studies’ and future careers’ prospects in Nepal and abroad. All in all, Trinity’s Career Counseling Symposium provides valuable opportunities for students. The guest speakers of the program were CA Manoj Gyawali (Deputy CEO, Nabil Bank), Ambika Prasad Padudel (Entrepreneur & Investor), Dr Arun Timalsina (IOE Pulchock), Shanti Thapa (Education USA, Advisor), Dr. Subash Pyakhurel (Meditech Director at Mediflow Solution Pvt. Ltd.) & Indra Prasad Subedi (Director, Trinity International College).


Live Online Counselling 9am to 5pm